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Kawauso     カワウソ

” kawauso” means Japanese river otter.

One day, a girl meets a Japanese river otter. They try to communicate, but it doesn't go very well. This is because the Japanese river otter is already extinct, and it is not possible to actually interact with the girl. They existed in separate spaces.


By depicting the Japanese river otter, which is said to have gone extinct in 2012, this short film presents an opportunity to reconsider what the modern society has sacrificed.

"What is a rich life, and what can we do for the future symbolized by this girl?"

The clear eyes of the silent Japanese river otter ask.


Director : Akihito Izuhara 

Script : Ikuko Mizokami & Akihito Izuhara

Sound : Tetsuro Nishi

TitleMusic : Soragoro Uwanosuke

Soragoro : Vocal, Ukulele, Drums

Yusuke Minami : Contrabass

Koji Ataka : Guitar

Agatha : Chorus

Kosuke Nakamura : Rec&Mix&Mastering

Object Drawing : Aiko Okamura, Kaho Kasuga, Keisuke Mada, Makiko Ito,

Marina Akegawa, Sabi Hodumi, Katsuhiko Watanabe

Duration : 15min 22sec


◆  Selected

◆  Awards

Golden Dragon   "Krakow International Film Festival64"

Japan Premiere Award   "Sapporo Short Fest 2023"

◆ Press & Views

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